Did you see the BYU game on Saturday? Talk about a victory! Truth be told, I used most of the game to nap and work on some photo editing, but I was there for the ending and that's when it really got good! Down 1 point, BYU's quarterback threw a hail mary to the end zone to score a touchdown on the last play of the game. We cheered so loud Blake started crying. I don't think he was quite awake yet to notice why were were yelling.

Even before the winning pass, it was a pretty fun afternoon. I've been waiting to dress Evelyn in this little cheerleader outfit I got for $6 on a clearance back in the Spring. And Blake's jersey still fit him, so we were already scoring. 

We had a pre-game party running around the backyard and playing on the play set we scored from our neighbors and fixed up. We've still want to get new swings touch up some paint, but it's workable for now and that's probably how it will stay until next Spring. 

I sure love how these 2 love each other. Sure, there are plenty of fights and teasing. But there are some pretty sweet moments like these that I cherish. I told them to get together for a photo and Blake did this all by himself: 

She's a little daredevil gymnast. 

Blake wanted a lesson on football and he picked it right up! 

They wanted to make their own PB&J sandwiches. How cute is that?

Go...cougars. We hope it's a good season! 

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