the saturday we turned our house into a spudnut factory

We had our 8th annual spudnut party early this year for 2 reasons. 1. Because with a baby coming, Hollie's wedding, and other things in October, it was going to be too crazy. 2. September 12th was "Paul Day." Paul Moore is a friend in our ward who has terminal kidney cancer. He has only been give a few month left to live. Paul Day was an effort to sacrifice something and donate that money to Paul and his family. We prayed to know how to help Paul's family and we decided to host our party early and accept donations for the spudnuts. 

We spent our Friday night cleaning up the yard and mowing the grass. We spent all day Saturday preparing: setting up tiki torches, patio lights, chairs, making 3 batches of dough, rolling out 333 spudnuts (Brandon did this!), and frying them all up. Having Paul and his family in mind made all the work and effort so worthwhile. 

We are grateful for those who helped us: our neighbors who fed our kids dinner while we were frying the donuts, my dad who helped fry, my cousin who offered to glaze, and others. It was a team effort. There is no way we can do this alone anymore! 

Our prayers were answered! The party was a huge success. We had over 175+ people come--another reason we were super glad we did it early so we can have it in the backyard. Through the generosity those who came, we raised $900 for the Moores. Taking it over to them was a neat experience. Our heart goes out to them! Perhaps we will always have to pick a family to help through a party because we just felt so happy and good after it. 

Here's a few photos and a behind the scenes video. 

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  1. That's so wonderful you were able to have your party and raise money for Paul! What a fun tradition!


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