our 7th anniversary...belated

Our real anniversary date- August 23- was spent in Bear Lake with my entire family. How is that for romantic? While I wouldn't normally be okay with that, since our anniversary was on a Sunday this year and we couldn't go out anyway, we decided it would be okay and we would do a belated getaway. 

It was my turn to plan this year. It seems like every time it's my turn, I'm pregnant so we stick with more local things.  It was super relaxing though and we had a fun time together. We reminded how important it is to keep dating and make dating a priority. One of my favorite anniversary traditions is writing a letter in each other's journal. It makes me stop and think about how far we've come and what we've accomplished together. 

We finally made it to Tepanyaki for dinner. That was supposed to be Brandon's birthday dinner date, but I was too sick then to think about eating there. 6 months later to the date we finally got there. :) 

We went to Barnes and Noble to look at name books and we have a few more names in the running. I hope my 2 best friends who are due soon too don't use any of them or we are in trouble. Or our kids will have the same name. 

We stayed at Little America, where we stayed on our wedding night. It was fun to be back there! Then we stopped at Eva's for breakfast before walking to the Salt Lake Temple. Then we hit up Plates and Palates on the way home for lunch. Talk about an eating tour! I'm so glad Brandon will eat at a place like that. He was one of the only few guys there. 

Sure love you Brandon and I'm excited to see what this next year brings. 

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