super blake!

Blake has been such an awesome little boy lately. Sure, we have our moments where we disagree or have a power struggle, but overall, he tries to be obedient and helpful. 

A few things that he has done lately that I love: 

-When he's playing in the backyard, he will knock on the glass door until I come and get it. When I open it, he'll hold out his hands and say, "Here's a plate of cookies for you! They are chocolate. Do you have any dogs? Bye!" This happens at least once a day and it's just the cutest. 

-His prayers are adorable. I've never heard such sincere prayers. He speaks with his heart and each night I look forward to hearing what is in his mind. Evelyn always asks Blake to help her say her prayers and it's so cute listening to him tell her what to say. 

-We've been trying to work on a morning and night routine. I printed out some picture "job charts" and I'll catch him going through his checklist. 

-He loves making plans. He'll say, "First, we do this and then we do this and then this, etc." 

-He is a great little negotiator. Sometimes I let him win just because of his negotiation skills. 

-I bought him a workbook to help him learn numbers and letters, etc. The first day, he wasn't too interested in it. But now he'll ask to do "school" often. I'm beginning to see his love for learning and I love observing him make connections with letters and sounds that we've been talking about. 

-He is a sweet and tender boy. He's not always nice, but he tries. And when he knows he has made a bad choice, he's not afraid to admit it even days later. 

-When he has his grumpy moments, I'll take him to have a break and tell him he can come back when he's happy. Sometimes it's seconds and other times minutes. All of a sudden he'll come back and say, "I'm happy now" with the cheesiest grin. And from that point on, he is happy. 

Sure love you, my Blakester. 

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  1. Maybe he could rub off on Br!? He could use a few of those skills!! 😉 what a cute, super dude you have!!


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