decorating the tree, part 1

(November 15) It was a Sunday evening. We had all taken really long naps and knew we would all be up later than usual. So, we (mostly me) got the brilliant idea to put up the Christmas tree! The only convincing it took was to make a deal that if Brandon made dinner, I would put the lights on the tree. Deal! We put on the David Archuleta/Mormon Tabernacle Christmas CD and went for it. And I've never looked back.

It's the earliest we've ever put it up, and it still sits undecorated. We'll be lucky if it's all decked out by Christmas since everything these days takes a long time to get done. But, it was one of those family moments I don't want to forget--with Evelyn and Blake getting caught up in the lights, Oliver gazing into the twinkles, Brandon cooking dinner in the kitchen, and my heart bursting with true joy. Christmas is going to be so sweet this year with a newborn around.

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