sibling love

The transition to three children has been rough at times. Not because Blake and Evelyn don't adore Oliver, but because I think they are feeling the lack of attention and are manifesting it in ways we aren't use to seeing-- for example, during nap time. I had a few very angry mom moments this week that I am not proud of. I really like my sleep and when I don't get enough of it, I'm not very patient. But thankfully, my kids are very forgiving and still love me!

I have especially loved watching Blake be the big brother. He always wants to hold Oliver, give him the binki or blanket, feed him a bottle, sit by him, etc. The sweet sibling love I see from these 3 is what is keeping me going. But, I'd still love a really long nap. :) And please note that in nearly every one of these photos there is at least one in PJs. That's how we roll these days. Keeping it real.

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