oliver at one week

Ready for a photo overload? Blake had afternoon preschool today and Evelyn was napping. I should have been napping too, but I couldn't pass up the chance to get some photos of little Oliver while he was sleeping, too! Babies don't keep and I know eventually I'll get caught up. :) 

Gosh, newborn photos are hard! I'm not sure how photographers get those perfect shots of newborns. And after tying today, I realized I should have bit the bullet and arranged for a professional photo shoot of our little guy. But for now, here's what we got. 

I love his cute little toes and his double chin! Ha! We've never had a baby with one before. And that hat? It was made in Ireland and was a gift that his Grandma and Grandpa Wilson gave us when Evelyn was born. I found it before he was born and just had to use it for some of the pictures. After all, he is partially named after Grandpa Wilson, so how could we not?  

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  1. You did a beautiful job of capturing Oliver. He's so precious.... Welcome Oliver!


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