meeting santa

{December 5} The Youth City Council in our town puts on the cutest activity each year. This is our 2nd year going and it's perfect for the kids. They get to write letters and make crafts and eat cookies while they wait to meet Santa. And then each family gets their private viewing and FREE photos with the old man himself. 

I was proud of Blake who was extra brave this year. This is after just a few days earlier he told me he didn't want Christmas to come.  It was so cute hearing him tell Evelyn, "it's okay. Be brave." We got professional photos mailed to us, but here's what I got on my camera. I helped Evelyn because she wouldn't dare go near him without me. And Oliver did just as he was supposed to do with his first photo with Santa-- scream and cry. It's a classic childhood picture that I'm glad we have for the books. 

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