puerto rico: the food

We got resort vouchers for food everyday, like $50 worth. So we would go to the little stores and stock up on snacks so we wouldn't let any money go to waste. That's the only time in my life we could justify paying $6 for a bag of Doritos. And boy, they tasted good. 

One morning we grabbed breakfast at Starbucks and ate in the lobby while waiting for our taxi to come. 

We'll be honest. We weren't that impressed with the resort food. One night we found a back exit to some local food stands by the harbor and ate real, authentic food. It was the best meal of the trip.

The very last night I was craving some pizza. Yep, cravings already. We called a Domino's to deliver a pizza, but the funny thing was that they wouldn't bring it to the resort. So we met them out a road outside the resort. It was super dark. Cops kept driving by and we kind of felt like we were doing a drug deal. That pizza was delicious.

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