(I hope you can read the Cyrillic above, if not this is the translation)

Great Russia! My Homeland!

Ok not really but I had really missed it and was so excited to take Melissa there. I quickly realized that it's a little different being there not as a missionary. The first city we went to in Russia was Yekaterinburg which is the mission city.

Melissa and I in the city center

The most famous site in Yekaterinburg. The memorial were the Romanovs were killed.

I was so famous when I was there that they decided to name a restaurant after me.

This is a Russian swing. Little kids get on this thing and swing each other end over end over and it amazes me that they don't fall off and crack their head and kill themselves.

Then Melissa and I decided to get on a bus to visit a branch about an hour outside of the city.

We have a later post about this. We'll keep you wondering.

This is probably my favorite branch in the entire mission. I served in the branch presidency and baptized the lady in the lower right as well as the kid in the striped shirt above her.

This is the Alcotts, the current mission president and his wife. I had the opportunity to teach them Russian in the MTC and they were gracious enough to have us stay at the mission home. We had other arrangements but those ended up turning into staying out in a hut in the Russian wilderness in 5 degree temperatures. For that Melissa was very grateful and in turn had the opportunity to see another side of missionary work which was really cool. The couple next to them is a Russian Senior couple which is extremely rare. They never had any there when I was there. My favorite part is their last name is the Glagolievi which literally translates as,
"The Verbs"

Here are two of my favorite members in Russia. Tanya Kapustina whom I baptized. She later went on a mission to Vladivostok, Russia and came to the MTC where Melissa had the opportunity to be her escort in the Temple. The other is Andrei who we went on splits with a lot and eventually helped convince him to serve a mission which he did to Moscow.

Well until next time, Melissa and I are on a night train to Perm!

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  1. Maybe there's more coming, but Russia doesn't look half as bad as Melissa makes it sound! ;) I also want to know if Melissa is always wearing her hat(even indoors) because she's cold or because she'd have hat hair if she took it off!? Love the pics and the post! Someday I want to ride a night train...it sounds so adventurous!


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