finally! kite flying!!

It's tradition to go kite flying on Brandon's birthday. However, with the recent snowstorm and low temperatures, we have been waiting for the perfect weather. The last few days have been gorgeous... and perfect for kite flying at the park. The only problem--I was having terrible mouth pain and could only handle the bare minimum. Bare minimum= no blogging, no dinners, no cleaning, no laundry, no outside time, no kite flying, and just feeding, cuddling and sleeping on the couch with Blake. I finally got into the dentist on Thursday and the results were just as I thought. Root Canal. So this morning I got it taken care of, but the pain medicine wiped me out for a good portion of the day. Finally, after days of being cooped up, I was feeling up to getting outside. And the weather was perfect for our little outing.



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