mustaches and bowties

I'm so grateful for a wonderful dad and father-in-law who continue to be good influences in our family's life, and especially grateful for a husband who is a perfect (in my mind) dad to Blake. To celebrate Father's Day, Blake and I made breakfast for Brandon and then we had my dad over for dinner. It was a fun little celebration. We also sent Brandon on a little scavenger hunt to find a few gifts we got for him.

And here are a few of my favorite pictures of Brandon in his role as a dad lately. He takes his job seriously, but has lots of fun along the way. In fact, life would be pretty boring without him in the picture. He usually takes over all parenting duties (including diapers) on the weekends--not because he feels like he should, but because he loves being with Blake. I couldn't have asked for a better guy to be the dad of my children! 


  1. Blake is such a cutie with mustache.

  2. I love the mustaches and bowties. Too cute.

  3. very cute. we are lucky to have married good fathers for our kids. and i can not believe blake is 4 months!!!! ps--i am loving your bangs!

  4. You are just too adorable all the time.


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