4th anniversary. the best yet.

It was Brandon's turn to plan our anniversary this year. He has always outdone himself, but this one was my favorite so far! We decided a long time ago that instead of doing gifts for each other, we would rather DO something. Since Brandon knows me and my love language so well (you know since we've been married so long :), he planned the perfect anniversary. We were brave and left Blake with his parents overnight for the first time. It was hard leaving him, but I loved getting to hang out with my best friend!

We started out with sealings at the SLC Temple...where it all began 4 years ago. Then lunch at the Nauvoo cafe. We wore the same outfits we wore to our wedding dinner. :) Cheesy? Oh well, that's us.

He knows I love surprises. So I had no clue where we were going. He pulled into a couple of different places on the way, until we arrived at our real destination-- the Zermatt Resort in Midway. It is the closest thing we could get to Switzerland. Swiss music was playing as we pulled in. Very charming.

Time to hit the pool! Swimming races, laying out, reading and tanning feet. All part of the plan.

We ate dinner on the outdoor patio at Cafe Galleria on Main Street. The pizza was so-so, but ended up staying for a while because the live music set the perfect tone for casual conversation about our goals for the next year.

Then we danced in a gazebo.

We had European pastries for breakfast.

We hit a bucket of balls and played on the putting green. Or at least tried to. We determined that I am not a golfer.

But when we played tennis, shuffleboard, pool, and air hockey, I could hold my own. Maybe it was the magic of the leaves that were already changing colors! 

We swam in the famous crater. It was awesome. We practically had the place to ourselves.

Finally, a trip to Europe isn't complete without gelato. Duh. (And note to self- Zermatt's  Bäckeri and Eis has the best gelato in Utah that we've had). After devouring this bowl full and hitting up the outlets for some clothes for Blake, we raced home to see the cute little guy. We missed him!

Like I said, the best anniversary yet. Not just because of what we did, but because we got to celebrate the best year of our marriage, so far. I ♥ Brandon forever. 


  1. you guys are cute. looks like a fun anniversary!

    we are also more inclined to share experiences in celebrating special dates than with gifts. making memories is my favorite gift! :)

  2. YAY! Happy anniversary! I love that you guys have such great ideas & dates :)

  3. Wow! So fun! Way to leave the baby all ready. Just curious, where's the gelato from? I may need to try it out.

  4. So cute! That looks like so much fun! Was the crater in Midway also? Looks like a fun place to go next summer!

  5. Hurray for 4 years. Awesome job Brandon on the planning. Can't wait to try some of that gelato. I miss fall leaves too so enjoy them for me!!

  6. i did my scuba certification in that crater


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