halloween 2012

Let's start with our costumes. 
We were the...drumroll please...3 Amigos!
(Yes, we did make them and for under $25!)

Our Halloween consisted of: going to a junior high Halloween assembly in the morning, 
pumpkin waffles, a visit from Libby the lobster, jack-o-lantern pizza, going to Grandpa Stan's work party with Halle, Sawyer, Kate, and Ty, and taking treats to some of our neighborhood friends.

this is our 99 year old friend Don Kirk who we sit with in church. 

And that is just Halloween day. Next up, the most over-the-top Halloween party and the annual King Halloween Fling. 


  1. I love your costumes! Blake was adorable by himself, but it's even better that you were the 3 Amigos. Love it!

  2. Great Costumes!!! I love that there was a FAMILY theme!!! Just popping by from Heather's blog.

  3. Oh Melissa you guys looks so cute! Really great idea! I love the Halloween pizzas too. We really need to get together lady.

  4. The 3 amigos is so fun! Even Kate loved it! Emily did an awesome job with your family fling! I love reading about you and your family. I'll have to remember all the fun ideas.


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