the annual king halloween fling

Emily planned the King family Halloween party this year.
Yes, she was in town again for a few days. We have been spoiled getting to see them so much.
She went all out. 

She hung bats all throughout the house. 
Later in the evening, we had to guess how many there were and the winner got a prize. 

The food was delicious. We had taco soup in pumpkin bread bowls, layered Halloween jello, pumpkin cookies, and chocolate surprise cupcakes. And witches' brew, a must! (Dry ice in rootbeer)

The good witch came to visit. She made a magic potion of all sorts of things that turned into prizes for the children. 

There was a photo booth for family photos. Somehow I missed getting one of JKEC, except for this darling one of Emme as Dorothy. She even kept saying with her eyes closed, "There is no place like home, There is no place like home."

After the children went to bed, the adults played a few games: doughnut-on-a-string and wrap the mummy.

The real entertainment of the night came with the find-the-worms-in-the-cream pie. We laughed so hard.



And after: 

 But perhaps the best part of it was seeing all the cousins in costume together. Thanks for a fun party, Em!

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  1. I love the King family traditions. And the costumes are so cute.It's fun to see the little ones grow!


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