the halloween horror hurrah

We've always heard that Omniture/Adobe has the most over-the-top Halloween parties. 

But it wasn't until we actually attended one that we knew this was absolutely true.

I tried to take pictures of all the cool things, but I'm afraid my pictures won't show the extent of how detailed it was. Hopefully you get the idea. The first fun thing was a hay ride taking you from the parking lot to the party. 

Because there were was such a long line just to get into the building for trick-or-treating, they had a ton of things to keep us entertained: the Jazz dancers, an acrobat show, teeter totter show, live snakes and tarantulas (which we did not hold), jugglers, and a food tent with popcorn, ice cream cones, churros and drinks. 

Each department chose a theme and decorated their office space according to their theme. However, they did such a good job, you never would have guessed that it was an office building. By decorating, that meant building signs, facades, putting up fake walls, etc. Everything we saw was built by them just for the event. Over the top? Yes! Some of the themes were: Lord of the Rings (including a real water fall), Hunger Games, Mad Scientist, Adobeland, Wild Wild West, and long live Omniture. It was fun walking through my old stomping grounds for the last time. Our favorite was the Adobeland that was themed after Disneyland. They even built Captain Hook's pirate ship with a slide. It was amazing. 

Here are a few other pics of the place:  

The Hunger Games section was awesome: District 12, the Bakery, and the Arena with REAL sod!

And finally, a family photo at the photo op. Brandon was in jeans since he had to be a mad scientist for the first part. What a party, I tell you. It took us 1.5 hours just to walk through it all. Needless to say, we were all a little exhausted after it. But we are glad we got to experience the famous Halloween Hurrah with the Salmons and Sohms. 

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