2nd advent

2nd Advent is always my favorite. It's been our tradition to have a night of singing songs and sharing stories with family or friends. Brandon and I mustered up the little guitar and piano skills we have to learn a duet of "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear." 
 Blake debuted, bowtie and all, and stole the show with his piano performance of  "Joy to the World" (using the help of the piano pre-set songs, of course). 

Sarah read a story about Christ's birth.

We also had a dig-a-ree-do duet by my cousin Carrie and Dallin.

We listened to another story and then had a brief intermission to eat German Kipfel and other goodies.  

Then we ended the night with us all playing carols on bells, thanks to Lenny and Kenzi. 

Only 2 more advents until Christmas! 


  1. Blake's smile is just adorable, and he looks so great in his bowtie!

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  3. Mel, my mom asked me to tell you that Blake is such an adorable. She loves him so much!
    Blake playing piano is her latest fav!


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