12 months of cookies: january edition

Santa and I teamed up together for one of Brandon's Christmas gifts this year.  As long as I have been in their family, I have known there to be a square container on top of their fridge that is filled with cookies. After dinner or during a visit, I noticed how much Brandon loved grabbing a cookie or two. He has made numerous comments about how much he loves how his mom has a cookie container.

Truth be told, I don't make cookies, or desserts, that often around here. I know if I do, I will just eat way too many. But, I realized that I shouldn't deprive him of that after-dinner treat. So, Santa brought him a square container similar to what he had growing up, and I promised to make cookies once a month for him.
The end of January is nearly here, so I finally got around to making this month's cookie: Molasses Crinkles. I know these are one his very favorites.  

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