it's a donut-kind-of-day

I know what you are thinking. As soon as I'm done with  goal no.1 I go crazy eating molasses cookies and donuts since that is the only thing I've posted about it lately. Well, let me assure I have had plenty of veggies and fruits to balance them out. And besides, the cookies were mostly for Brandon anyway. AND, I get to practice photography which is an ongoing goal of mine. So no need to worry.

Today is Friday. The end of an unusual week.  We've had absurd weather. I don't remember the last time we had temperatures above freezing. The inversion has completely taken over the valley leaving us with a foggy view of everything and terribly thick and dirty air to breathe in.

And then there was freezing rain. Didn't even know what that was until I walked out our door to a sheet of ice on our patio and blanketing our cars. Even the one in the garage.

It was only a miracle that saved Blake and I from getting into a head-on collision yesterday. The ice was so bad the brakes and emergency brake didn't stop us from sliding. Thankfully the car behind us swerved out of the way. And my honking warned the oncoming traffic to keep back. It was scary. But a humbling experience that reminds me who is watching out for my little family.

It seems that just when life gets comfortable, there are always little things that keep us on our toes. Not that it is always a bad thing.

So, today is a donut-kind-of-a-day. A celebration of what we have. A thankfulness for our blessings. A consolation for the nasty weather. And a reminder that life is pretty dang sweet.

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  1. oh goodness. how scary! i am so glad you guys are okay!


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