it's moving day! brandon's christmas gift to me...

If you have been reading this for a while, you'll know that I love being festive. So much so, that I keep up a festive blog to document my projects and keep track of traditions and festive things that my mom did. It has always be a fun hobby for me.

Well, for Christmas, Brandon bought me a domain for a REAL website and said he would build me any site I wanted. It was a complete surprise. I never thought I would have a real website for it. But after having some problems with Blogger, I decided to take him up on his gift and go for it.

The last month we have been working on it together (me--the designer and him--the builder) after Blake went down to bed. It was such a fun project for us. I'm going to brag for a minute, just because I can on this thing. I already think Brandon is really smart, but what amazed me what every time I thought of a feature or something I wanted, he figured out how to do it. He was determined to figure it out and wouldn't stop until he did so. I love his perseverance in all things.

Well, folks, it is officially done. I'm sure we will make some minor tweaks here and there since we are using Wordpress now, but I couldn't be happier.

It was such a thoughtful gift and a gift that will keep giving forever. It's my little collection of holiday ideas, traditions, and recipes (including family favorites!)

If you would like to see his awesome work, head over to SO-FESTIVE.COM. Yay! It's a real site now!


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