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Remember back in January when it was a donut-kind-of-day?  I mentioned how just as we get comfortable with life, something new comes that keeps us on our toes. What I couldn't share that day was that Brandon got a job offer. It was in that moment of stress/excitement/big decision/shock that Blake and I escaped to the grocery store and picked up a donut while we were there.  

We certainly were not looking for a new job for Brandon. Especially since he just started with Adobe 6 months ago. But as we've learned through the years, God in his mercy and love blesses us with things that we weren't even asking for. He can make a lot more out of our lives than we can for ourselves. We know that to be true. 

It was a big decision for us. We fasted and prayed and went to the Temple. We weighed the pros and cons. Adobe certainly has been good to us. It isn't easy to walk away from such an established, growing company with amazing benefits and perks. Their company parties were out of this world. They invested a lot in Brandon as an employee with training and he has learned so much. 

We'll be giving up some of the benefits of working with a large company, however there are some pros of the new job we are so excited about: more flexibility with his schedule, more regular hours, his ability to work from home!, a closer commute, and the opportunity for him to be doing what he really wants to be doing. 

We are so grateful for this blessing. Sure there will be challenges and it won't all be peaches and cream. But we are excited for this change. Oh, we just love how life is full of surprises!  

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