the blake show

For months we debated whether or not we were going to have a 1st birthday party for Blake. I mean seriously, does the birthday kid even know? Plus I was inspired by my sister's philosophy that she didn't want to be spending all day getting ready for a party for others instead of being focused on the birthday girl/boy. But on the other hand, we love parties and probably won't always get the chance to have our extended families to celebrate with.

I think we found a happy medium. We tried to plan something that Blake would enjoy. We did most of the preparations before his birthday and finished up while he was napping. It worked out well.

The theme was "The Blake Show". Here were the invitations:
The decorations were pictures of Blake throughout the year.


^We had this on as people came in^

We had theater treats including popcorn, candy, red vines, drinks, cupcakes and ice cream.

We played a trivia game to see who knew Blake the best and the winner got a prize.

Some pics from the party:

We watched a slideshow from Blake's first year featuring him with some of the guests. a

And then he got to eat cake! Although he seemed to really like it, we were surprised to see him eat it so meticulously. I guess we've got a well-mannered boy :)

We love our Blakester!

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