the men in trunks and other photos

Brandon and I got put on our ward's birthday party planning committee. We've never been to a ward birthday party before we moved here, so it was a new concept for us. We don't do much with the birthday part, but it's more of a nice, adult dinner. And let me emphasize nice. The first one we attended a few years ago was just 2 weeks after we moved in. We showed up a few minutes late and in jeans, not realizing that we would be walking into a wedding-reception-looking party. Where everyone was dressed up. Yes, we felt out of place and awkward. We have since learned our lesson. This ward does nothing half-hearted.

So that sets the stage for us a committee--meaning we must go all out. The theme was an Italian Dinner in the Captain's Quarters on a cruise ship. I'll post about all the details on So Festive, but our contribution was the Entertainment, so I'll share that here.

Brandon rounded up a bunch of other guys in the ward to do a performance called "The Men in Trunks". It was basically a synchronized swimming  skit set to some Italian music. It was the hit of the night. Here are some pics of the "Men In Trunks" and a video in case you want to see it.

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  1. So funny! Your ward really does go all out. And Brandon's got some nice legs! Ha!


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