memorial day

::Started out the morning with a waffle bar breakfast with friends. Considering Kenzi and I threw this together kind of last minute, it turned out great. The Eves, Gustins, Adams, and Joneses were able to make it. We are grateful for the friends we have around here! 

::Brandon had some work to do in the afternoon, so Blake and I ran some errands and hit up the Savers 50% off sale. I love when I find a good deal. Scored this jean jacket for 5 bucks!

::It was our engagement anniversary and we usually celebrate by making pizza and watching Enchanted, but the canyon was calling our names, so we decided to venture up there. Our grand plans of making pizza over the fire turned into a simple hot dog roast. But it was fun. And Blake's first time doing it. I love this little stinker of ours! He is so fascinated by the world and I feel blessed to get to experience it with him. 

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