a holladay holiday party

The Eves planned a fun farewell party for us on the night of St. Nicholas Day. We did a white elephant exchange, ate some delicious goodies, and talked a lot --like we usually do.

All of the gifts were attached to a string.

We started in the kitchen and had to follow the string to find out which gift we got.

Blake and Libby got stuck!

Ashley and Kenzi have been my best friends in this ward. We have had numerous play dates and outings together, worked on quiet books together, and have had monthly FHE togethers.  We click so well. I'm really going to miss being so close to them, although I know we'll always be friends.

Besides, we keep planning on Blake going on his first date with Libby. They get along so well and are the best of friends!

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  1. Did your friend Kenzi go to Woods Cross High? She looks really familiar and I'm pretty sure we went to High school together.


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