christmas morning

This is how Christmas morning went down at the Sunday house:

Brandon and I got showered and breakfast  made since Blake and Evelyn slept in until 9:30! We opted for orange rolls since we had to hurry off to talk to my missionary sister Hollie.

The kids finally woke up!

Blake was so excited. He ran right over to his pile and immediately started playing with his new trike and dump truck that Santa brought. 


We told Santa not to bring B and I stuff since we got a new house and we just wanted things for the children. Santa still brought us stockings and a few surprises.

Then we opened presents. Blake couldn't open them fast enough! I loved seeing him get so excited.

Santa picked out this cute outfit for her first Christmas
And we have to get the traditional photo with their gifts pic. They were so spoiled from Santa and grandparents.

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  1. So is this an Allen family tradition then of taking photos with your Christmas presents? We always did it growing up, but I've never met anyone else that did. I love it! We made sure to do a photo with M. :) Love the pictures on the stairs. Can't wait to see more of your house! (and I think we have the same carpet!)


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