our un-picture-perfect Christmas

One thing I hate about blogging after the fact is that it's hard to record true emotions. Maybe that isn't a bad thing, though? Well, this is is the post I'm going to talk about how different our Christmas was. I guess I had these high hopes that we would have a perfect first Christmas in our cute little home.

Ideal: We would decorate the tree as a family as Christmas music played in the background. Reality: It took us a week to get it all decorated. And half of our lights didn't work.

Ideal: We would get in our new Sunday best the Sunday before Christmas and enjoy the Christmas program. We would get a cute family photo afterwards and enjoy 4th advent together. Reality:  Brandon and I got the flu, but mine was never severe enough to stay home. I took both kids to church by myself. Brandon in his kind attempt to help, dressed Blake, but not in his Christmas bowtie. Gasp! He wore blue shoes with black pants. I got to church late. I had no Christmas spirit. And we didn't celebrate 4th advent. And I was in no way in the mood to fight Blake to take his binki out.

Ideal: We would get an amazing photo with Santa. Reality: Brandon was still sick. Blake was petrified of Old St. Nick.   We didn't all look at the camera and I hate the way the flash is bouncing off us.

Ideal: We would have all the painting done and a nice quiet, settled house ready for Christmas day. We could cuddle up to Christmas movies while snuggling with little Miss E. Reality: We didn't watch our first Christmas movie until the Sunday after Christmas. And our house is still in disarray.

We still had a wonderful Christmas, although far from what I envisioned. I guess I'm learning (read: still need to learn) to relax and let go of my envisions of a everything turning out perfectly. I'm already looking forward to next Christmas when we can enjoy the season more and hopefully have things more under control.

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  1. ha ha. I'm with you on ideal vs. reality. my "ideal christmas" -- both my parents (divorced for 11 years) would fly out for the week to celebrate M's first holiday. we'd play games, watch christmas movies, be totally stress free. ha ha. not the reality! but it was still nice and we'll laugh about the craziness of having a new baby and 9 people staying in your house. :)


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