st. patrick's day 2014

(I tend to blog in clumps these days, so scroll below for a few more recent posts.) 

Our day started out with green wheat pancakes. I had plans to make it all festive, but I was lucky to have them on the table before Brandon left for work. Also...I was really excited to try this new green smoothie recipe. Well, what do you know that our blender bottom came unscrewed and left a giant mess and NO smoothie. So breakfast was not the highlight, but that's ok. At least we were wearing green.

A little leprechaun visited. Our leprechaun always likes to leave rainbows. Apparently, markers are for lips. I don't even wear lipstick that often, so I'm not sure where he got that idea from. Maybe his cousin Hudson.

We did a St. Patrick's Day craft for Morning Mommy School. I didn't tell him where to put the marshmallows. He did pretty good, I'd say.

We had our traditional green taco dinner. We had my dad and Hollie over to hear more about Brazil.

And then we had a St. Patrick's Day FHE where we learned about rainbows from Noah's Ark, and wrote things we were "lucky" or blessed to have on shamrocks.  We went on a treasure hunt to find treats at the end of the rainbow.


 I feel so blessed tonight. As much fun as St. Patrick's Day is, it has really made me realize how not lucky, but blessed I am. I have an awesome, supportive husband who works so hard. I have two adorable children who give me the opportunity to be a mom. Even though days are crazy, I would not want to be doing anything else than raising them. They bring me so much happiness. I am grateful for the gospel. These days, I feel like I don't often get much out of church and I don't have as much time to study the scriptures and serve as I would like. But I know that I am truly happy and blessed because of the gospel. Heavenly Father is aware of us. He knows what is best for us. If we keep the commandments, we will be blessed. Nothing is luck. It is all from Him. What a truly remarkable blessing it is to have that knowledge and purpose for this life.

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