blake and andrew at the park

I've known Jana since junior high. I always admired her organizational skills. In 9th grade science class, I would envy her color-coded lists. I started making lists like her. I probably was never as good at completing my lists like she was, but at least I made the lists. 

I'm sure she as just as organized now as a mom of 3 as she used to be. We were friends in high school, but then went different ways after graduation. We've kept in touch through blogging and it's been fun to see her cute little family grow up. 

Blake and andrew are almost identical in age. Now that we live somewhat closer, I thought it would be fun to have an actual get-together instead of just talking through blogs. Social media is a great way to keep connected when real interactions aren't always possible, but meeting up with people in person is a dying art and I want to revive it. 

We met up last week at a park and let the boys run around together. I hope we can do it again! 

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