mother's day

I woke up to a card hand delivered to me in bed from Blake. I immediately burst into laughter as soon as I saw the front. It said, "No, REALLY, go hide. I'll come find you." Some days I feel like that when all I want is a few minute's peace. 

But then again, I've always dreamed of being a mom so I should rejoice in the constant "Mom!" I hear 1000x a day. Motherhood is hard, exhausting, beautiful, rewarding, stressful, overwhelming, and the best thing in the world all at the same time. 

I really am so blessed to be a mother. Blake and Evelyn make my world sweet, meaningful, and happy. I love being their mom. 

^the card and Mother's cookies + a coupon for a road trip! so my love language. 

We have Sunday family dinner every month and since it was our turn to host today, Brandon did a wonderful job of making the main dish and delegating out the others parts of the meal to the guys so that us moms could have a break. I got the wonderful treat of a long nap while he cooked up some Indian Butter Chicken. It was yummy! I really had the hard part of setting the favors on the table.  

^brandon and his mom. she is a wonderful lady and I've learned a lot from her. 

^she couldn't stop smiling all day long

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