our world cup pancake party

I've always wanted to have an Around the World Pancake Party, featuring all the different types of pancakes. I've never had a good reason to, but once I heard that USA was playing Germany in the World Cup, I figured we could at least do this pancake party on a smaller scale.

I think I may have taken too long because Blake was too hungry to wait! He's been loving parties lately, not sure if its just fun to say the word or not. Regardless, I am always happy to have an excuse to throw one together--even then are simple.

For the record, Germany won the game and the pancake contest.


  1. You are seriously so cute. Your family is lucky to have such a festive wife and mom!

  2. I love german pancakes. though we call them dutch baby pancakes (?) so maybe you can cross two countries off your list. :)


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