house to home | the patio progress (and popsicles!)

Wow! I've got so much to catch up here with all the house projects we've done lately. Some projects seem to take forever and that is why a can of spray paint is my best friend. I love quick projects.

Well, we've definitely made some progress on our back patio.

We started with a huge pile of old fencing when we moved in.

 And a very random garden in a large flower bed. And lots of weeds and holes in the grass. And random cords hanging from the roof.

We got rid of the fencing, cleared out the flower bed, but due to a broken pipe, Brandon has spent way too many days and trips to Home Depot trying to repair it.

We still had our little patio table and yellow chairs from our Holladay House. And as much as I absolutely loved the yellow, they were a pain to keep up. I had to give them a new coat of paint each year and even then it was hard to completely hide the dark underlayer of the chair.

So I decided to be bold and paint them red! We eat out here quite a few nights a week because we get awesome shade. I love it.

^we decided to hold off on a garden this year, so this is the only thing we planted. 

Patio/Backyard To-Do List
  • remove the old fencing
  • replace the screen
  • take down old dish and cords
  • remove random flower bed in flower bed
  • get rid of holes in yard
  • put up twinkle lights
  • add a pergola or porch covering of some type
  • build garden boxes
  • add a path from side cement to back yard
  • paint the shed

And for some bonus footage: the cute Blakester loves the patio. I love that he can go out and play and ride his trike while I am in the kitchen. His favorite thing is to eat "pop-sin-els". Me too! 

^blake saying "hoo-ray!"

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  1. Things are looking great! Wish I was eating on your patio this week! Also, Landon has a shirt just like Blake's. I love it when our kiddos match. Ha!


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