My 29th Birthday

Birthday are awesome. Or at least they should be. No matter how old you are, birthdays should always make you feel special. This was one of my very favorite birthdays. I felt so much love from friends, family, and my favorite little family. 

Brandon sent me an email the day before giving us an itinerary for the day. The first part was my favorite: "...sleep until 9 am" He got up with Evelyn at 4 am and let me get a solid night sleep. My birthday could have ended then and I would have been satisfied. But it didn't.

I found quarters in my shoe, a huge banner when I came downstairs, gifts set out, and breakfast for me! 

^It was a Party themed Party. Loved it.

We went on a bike ride together and opened some presents throughout the day. 

And then Sarah showed up unexpected to take me to a picnic lunch at the park. She's so thoughtful. Exactly 10 years ago on my  birthday, I was sitting in a restaurant at Bar Harbor on the Maine Coast. I was with all my other co-counselor friends from Vega. We had just eaten lobster for the first time and then we stopped for dessert at this super fancy restaurant. While we were eating dessert, on of my friends requested they play "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for me. It's always been one of my favorite birthday memories. Since she knew that, she learned how to play that song on her guitar for me. So thoughtful. And isn't she beautiful? 

We watched the World Cup game. Instead of Belgian Waffles, we ate Swedish Fish, my favorite candy. Too bad USA is out. It's been fun watching them. 

We had dinner outside and then dessert--this fancy cake I've dreamed about eating ever since Andrea had it on her birthday. It was pretty rich, so we spontaneously invited our neighbors over to help us out. 

^my fave tradition--sparklers instead of candles. blake was not a fan. ha! 

The last activity B planned for the party was to sleep out in the tent, but as we were going to bed, the wind picked up and we were afraid we would have to end up coming back in. So since Blake was already out there asleep, he slept in the tent and I stayed in with Evelyn. I guess that's how it goes with a family of 4. But I love my family and wouldn't have life any other way. 

Yesterday was such a tender mercy. I've been in a funk lately and it was just so nice to feel so loved and appreciated from so many people. Brandon spoiled me rotten with time and attention. My cute neighbor brought over a flower pot, my friend brought fresh-picked raspberries from her yard, another girl who I barely know brought over a gift and my Visiting Teacher brought a birthday treat. Not to mention some fun packages that showed up in the mail from my 2 best friends. It makes me want to treat everyone extra special on their birthday because it really meant a lot to me to have people remember. 

Here's to one awesome last year of my 20s! 

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  1. so glad your birthday was so wonderful! You are so great and definitely worth spoiling. Happy belated birthday!


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