the midnight 10k

Last night we did a Midnight 10k for our date. Really romantic, huh?

I made a goal a while ago to run a 10k in under an hour. It seems like if I don't set a goal for a race, then I have a much harder time making exercise a priority. I printed off a schedule and hung it up in the kitchen so I would be reminded to take time to take care of me. I did pretty good with the training, although towards the end I got really busy.

We had really low expectations and told ourselves that we should just have fun, even if that meant stop and walk.

Before - look at that moon! Beautiful!

The race went so well! I felt so strong and because of my pump up music, I felt like I was having a party. I was loving life. This was the first race in a while that I felt like that. Brandon stayed right along with me, despite 0 training on his part. Stinker. And then he went on ahead for the last .8 mile. 

When I crossed the finish line, the clock said 1:25:30. Man, I was bummed. I knew I could not have gone any faster,  but felt like I had run much faster than that. 

After we got some water, we went over to pick up our time cards and we were SHOCKED! The time across the finish was wrong. We had both come in under an hour. Our times were 55:16.2 for B and 55:56.5 for me. I cannot tell you happy I felt that I accomplished my goal. 

And then it just got better. We were 2nd in our age group. Granted, it was not a HUGE race, but there were at least 150 runners in the 10k, so we were pretty happy! I'm definitely doing another night again. 


^2nd in my age group, 12th overall for Womens

^Here's Brandon getting his medal. I got one too, but the other winners had left so I was the only one on the podium. 

^ We relished in the moment because it will probably be the only time we both place 2nd in race. 

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