little artists & a chinese celebration

Today we had lots of time to hang out since it was the Ogden Temple Dedication and Brandon and I split up to attend. Our kids got a little stir crazy since it was rainy and they didn't get out at all, but we read lots of books, did art, cooked and baked together, and had 2 families from our ward over for dinner. They spent the summer in China and we were anxious to hear about their trip. So a Chinese Dinner Party it was. The other family has a boy Blake's age and they didn't want the night to end.

I had a few spare moments earlier this week, so I decorated just a little for the dinner party. Now I can justify keeping my chinese lanterns and plethora of chopsticks and origami paper around for a while longer. :) Brandon always wonders why I keep these things around. But I tell him that you never know when you'll need a quick way to festify a party.

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