the m+b cooking show

Brandon was in charge of our Valentine's Date this year. We opted to do a family celebration on actual Valentine's Day since that is how it was growing up and I loved it that way. He planned a fun date for us on Friday night. We dropped our kids off at the sitter and then he brought me back home for our own cooking show!

I was instructed to document the process, but the lighting wasn't very good and I was having too much fun cooking dinner that I didn't get many. He found a gourmet recipe for sweet cream basil chicken and pesto potatoes. It was so delicious we had thirds. To some, making dinner might be the last thing one would want to for a date, but we love cooking together and dont' get to do it often enough. It was simple and perfect. We cuddled up for a movie afterwards and had a relaxing night sans kids. Oh, and how sweet of him and Blake to pick out flowers a few days before Valentine's Day for me. Brandon knows me well enough to know that I don't like flowers when it's obligatory.

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