prayer works

On Saturday night after a long day of working in the yard, watching cousins, running errands, and catching a few episodes of our favorite show, Granite Flats, Brandon noticed that his wedding ring was lost.

He had taken it off to help me cook dinner for a family in our ward. I gave him the dirty work of putting the raw chicken on the skewers before grilling. So he put his ring in his pocket, which had a hole, unbeknownst to him.

He was devastated hours later when he realized it was no longer in his pocket. He had been in our yard and the neighbors that night, so who knows where it was. We prayed. We went out in the pitch dark to look with flashlights, but to no avail.

On Sunday we prayed again. We did a quick search in the light, but were gone most of the day for baby blessings, so we didn't have a chance to look again. We kept praying.

This morning after breakfast, Blake was in the family room playing with Evelyn. All of a sudden, he said, "Look mom! Daddy's ring!!" We immediately said a prayer of gratitude for the ring being found. Then Blake got a really big treat and we called Daddy to share the news.

Prayer works. I've had too many experiences to deny it. I hope that Blake remembers this truth his whole life.

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