fathers and sons: blake's first!

I really should have Brandon be writing this post since he was there, but I'll paraphrase their experience. First thing to note. Blake was SO excited to go camping. Brandon was cute and took him around to a few of his friend's houses last week to invite them to come. The night before, we packed Blake's bag and the next morning before Brandon went to work, he came down and said, "Dad, I'm so ecited to go camping. I'm ready to go." Too bad B had to work first! I put together a little package for him--his first flashlight and some treats. 

He was super happy to stop and eat out. It's too bad his friend Zack got carsick on the way down and back. But hey, we got a free detail out of it! 

It took them so long to get there for numerous reasons, so when they finally did, they set up the tent and pretty much went straight to bed. The next morning, they woke up to snow! The boys were super cold and wet, so they ate a quick breakfast and packed up to come home.

They were still smiling and laughing when they got back. Even though it wasn't perfect, it was memorable to say the least! Hopefully next year will turn out better. I'm glad we have a little camper on our hands! And thanks to Brandon for following my instructions of getting at least 3 photos on their trip. :)

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