baby #3 update

Happy 3rd trimester and just shy of 30 weeks! I can't believe baby boy is coming so fast and other days I wonder how I will ever get bigger or manage a few more months of bending over and having energy to keep up.

I haven't documented this pregnancy as well as the others, at least here on the blog. I guess that's what happens with two other busy little ones. The good news...baby boy is doing awesome! He's about 3 pounds right now and looks just as healthy as ever. He's a kicker and mover.

I'm going to a new midwife this time around since our insurance changed, but so far I really like her. By this time with Evelyn, my platelets were really low at 77. But, they are currently at 143!! Yay! Let's hope they stay high so I won't have to be induced.

Blake and Evelyn seem excited about their baby brother, too. They will come up and kiss my belly and say hi to him. We've been switching rooms around and starting to get ready for him. I'll admit, it's been fun knowing it's a boy because I've been able to pick up a few things on clearance for him. And I will get his room ready since I finally can! I'm not sure if we will always find out from here on out, but it's been fun doing something different this time around.

Names...still working on it! We have one that we like, but not 100% certain.

See you soon, baby boy!!

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