our trip to paris

We spent a good chunk of last week in Paris. Paris, Idaho that is. There was no Eiffel Tower or crepes to buy off the street. But it just happened to be one of the best extended family trips we've had. Sometimes organizing and pulling off a trip for 25+ people can be tricky and stressful since everyone has such different ideas of how a vacation should be. It worked out so well this year and we are glad we got to spend some time with everyone! 

We spent a day at Bear Lake.

We all kind of like taking pictures. I get it from my Dad.


We were in charge of dinner one night so we had a Hawaiian Luau with leis, Hawaiian haystacks, Hawaiian names and music.

None of us went hungry all weekend. That's for sure. 

There was time for games, talking, a treasure hunt, a family testimony meeting after church, family photos and a trip to Garden City for raspberry shakes. 

The whole kingdom....until October. 

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