house to home | the guest bathroom

It all started on Black Friday last year. We are anti-Black Friday sales, but we ventured out late in the afternoon to Home Depot and found an awesome vanity for $100. We bought it and planned to replace the broken main floor bathroom back in January.

Can you tell why I was hesitant to get into this project? It's now 10 months later and we are just getting around to finishing it. But Brandon was right about it looking 1000% time better, so I'm glad we did it.

Wasn't it pretty before? Look at that awesome sink! It was definitely a conversation starter.

Brandon ripped out the tile and did some wall repair. We primed the yellows and gave it a good coat of paint.

We planned to hire out the tile job, but Brandon felt ambitious and decided to do it himself. Thankfully, Dean and Andrea were in town and showed up one night to help. It went much faster with around. Truth be told, Andrea and I did supervsising while the guys worked. Dean took his job seriously. I found some of his notes after he left. So grateful to have such real friends. And it gave us an excuse to go to dinner at the Mandarin before they left town for helping. 

Don't tile yourself in a corner-- a new Mormonad? :) 

We drew this on the floor before the last pieces of tile went in. 

And here it is! 

My dad kindly wanted to do a little more repair and we happily obliged. 

After a few more weeks, Brandon found the time to get the toilet and sink back in. I'm so proud of him for doing it on his own. We saved a lot of money that way.

And here is the bathroom complete! Didn't Brandon do such a great job tiling? I absolutely love this floor. And since there is no natural light in this bathroom, these are the best photos I could get.


  • Tile- Lowes
  • Paint- Revere Pewter @75% with 2 extra ounces of white
  • Vanity and faucet - Home Depot
  • Stool- Target
  • Shelf- Ross
  • Mirror- $3 yard sale find


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