august: the little things

read: iphone photos that i don't want to forget about:

trip to aberdeen for a king family reunion. complete with a stop at wallace drug for penny candy!

blake and evelyn both had pink eye and a left ear infection. no fun! 

raspberries for every meal!!

and a side of chocolate. they helped me with a photo shoot.

i told the children to get ready to go and this is how i found evelyn.

pre-anniversary flowers from brandon. he knows i like them when they are least expected!

cute kiddos before church one day. we were early enough to take a picture.

a morning donut run with cousins.

a visit to aunt sherol: the kindest, humblest, spiritual giant of an aunt. she was so adorable with the children-- reading stories, singing songs, giving them treats, fixing us lunch (and insisting we don't clean up). it made me wonder what it would be like if my mom were here.

i bought a case of peaches and would find evelyn eating them every chance she could get. she loves fruit!

a visit to the airplane museum.

swinging!! and a baby bump.
family bike ride. we had a goal to do 15 this year. we've made it to 5. we'll see....we have made up for it with hiking though.

they love hanging out on our bed. blake snatched my iphone one morning to watch family videos.

evelyn is just as much into cars as blake is. they are so fun to watch playing together.

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