a backyard fancy schmancy 6-course dinner

The same day we got back from our anniversary getaway, our friends were hosting a 6-course dinner for Melanie's 30th birthday. I'm glad we were able to sneak in a family trip to Krispy Kreme in between before we left our kids again. 

But this dinner party. It was so much fun! Yes, I totally judged a party by the decor, but what can I say? It was fun to see how well they thought out all the details from a cute banner, to fresh flowers, to gourmet food. I love planning parties, but it's just as much fun to go to one! We got all snazzied up (in practically the only dress I still fit in) and enjoyed the evening eating super delicious and fancy food and meeting new people. We even got to do some dancing on the lawn before heading off to get our babysitter home. I forgot to get a picture of Brandon and I, but that means we'll have to do another fancy dinner party again soon. Well, maybe after the baby so I can feel fancier. :) 

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