Talk Like a Pirate Day

We were so excited to see Blake and Evelyn after our anniversary getaway. We had a dinner party later that night, and I was kind of feeling bad we hadn't seen them much that weekend. So we decided to round up some pirate attire and go hit up Krispy Kreme for free donuts for Talk Like a Pirate Day. 

They were super excited to go get doughnuts, but not too excited to dress up. Blake really doesn't like dressing up lately. What will we do for Halloween? We got him to at least wear a pirate hat. Evelyn let me paint a mustache on, but her wiggles made it look far from great. But don't they look cute? I sure love my little pirates. 

We came home with 4 dozen doughnuts, many of which we ended up giving away. We had fun together and that's what counts! 

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