Blake visits the Dentist

I want to start off by first saying how grateful I am that Melissa is so good at documenting our life.  I want to apologize to her for not doing a better job at posting more and I want to apologize to any of you who read our blog that you have to read a post by me.

Without further adieu...

We've been prepping Blake about going to the dentist by reading "The Bearstein Bears Visit the Dentist" and telling him how fun the dentist is.  In saying that the dentist is fun, I'm telling him the truth, while Melissa is lying because she HATES the dentist.  We asked Blake who he wanted to take him to the dentist and I'm not sure who was more excited, me or Melissa, that he picked me to go with him.

Blake, unlike Evelyn, is pretty shy and nervous around new things and new people so we were expecting him to be terrified and not like the dentist at all.  I half expected a full blown meltdown with crying.  I told them when we came in that I wasn't sure how it would go so they said they would just do as much as he was comfortable with.   We'll see what happens....

 ^Blake before they start.  He seems ok but I can tell that he's nervous
 ^I was shocked that he did ok with the x-rays.  The dental assistant did a great job making him feel comfortable
 ^Blake loved that the chair went up and down but he did not like laying on his back
 ^The dental assistant tried flossing his teeth while he was laying on his back but he had enough of laying on his back so he pops up on his knees and informs her "We're going to do it like this, ok?"
^They have little toy dispensers that you put tokens in and get a little trinket in their waiting room.  Blake is used to seeing the ones at the grocery store that you put quarters in and they have M&Ms and hot tamales in them.  They gave him TWO tokens for being brave and he kept saying he wanted ones with candy and not the ones with toys.  I told him that candy rots his teeth and that's why the dentist doesn't have those kind.  He was initially disappointed but in the end he was happy with his choice of a ring and a bouncy ball.  I love Blake's fake smile. :)

Overall the trip to the dentist was a success!!! Blake did way better than we expected and said he'd go back.  Can't wait to see how Evelyn does!

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