little miss evelyn is two!

We sure love our little Miss E who acts a whole lot older than 2. She loves being independent and doing whatever big brother is doing. She says "No!" more often than yes, loves trying on anyone and everyone's shoes, loves smoothies, chocolate milk, fruit. She shares a room with Blake and it's the cutest (and sometimes most frustrating thing) to hear them giggling and talking and playing Simon Says way past their bedtime. She'll ask for a back rub before she falls asleep and usually wakes up earlier than Blake. Thank goodness she still naps a few hours a day. 

She's attracted to dirt but doesn't like a little fleck of crumb on her finger. She likes to say prayers and get horsey rides from Dad. 

She makes so so happy. You are our sunshine. Don't ever forget how much we love, Evelyn! 


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