Ok-2-berfest for Miss Evelyn

As soon as Evelyn woke up on her birthday, she started singing Happy Birthday to herself. What a little doll. She's always making us smile. She found quarters in her shoe and then we had muffins and chocolate protein shakes for breakfast.

After playing in the morning, we got to go to lunch as a family to the "brown store" aka Harmons--  our kid's favorite. Brandon let them pick out a birthday treat and they both loved carrying their treats to the checkout. We caught the fountain show quickly which Evelyn had everyone commenting on how cute she was dancing to the music.She loves music and her little jig was just too adorable.

She took a long nap which allowed me to finish getting things ready for her party. I've been planning Evelyn's 2nd birthday --an "Ok-2-berfest" for months now. A million ideas came to me but I wanted to keep things {mostly} simple and do most of the prep ahead of time. I don't like spending too much time on my children's birthdays on party prep.

We invited Grandma and Grandpa Sunday and Grandpa Dave over to celebrate with us. Evelyn was sure spoiled with some fun girly gifts-- a doll and stroller, a pink car, a Halloween book, some clothes, and money towards a new swing for the swing set in the backyard. Blake picked out a Minnie Mouse vacuum for her and I'm not sure who was more excited.  I'm glad she got some girly toys because soon she will be outnumbered with 2 brothers!

Our "Ok-2-berfest" consisted of a German-inspired menu: brats (J Dawg style), semi-homemade pretzels with cheese sauce, black forest cupcakes with pretzel toppers, Haribo gummy favors, and a blind root beer taste test. It's funny how root beer tastes so different compared to each brand. We all loved trying each one, especially Blake and Evelyn who don't get soda very often.

Watching her blow out her candles was adorable and hilarious. She finally got it! Check out her funny faces. 

Happy Happy Birthday sweet girl. We love you. 


  1. This is the CUTEST! Your creativity floors me! Her cake pics are just the best! Happy Birthday E!!

  2. Lance was wondering if the balloon brand sponsored the party? :) Ha. It is SO cute! Which rootbeer was the best?


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