counting my blessings this thanksgiving

Thanksgiving went a lot different than I planned. I had stayed up late to finish making some pies, but when I woke up on Thanksgiving, I had the stomach flu or food poisoning. (I was never sure which since no one else seemed to get it).  I was in so much pain that I just wanted to stay curled up in bed. But instead of complaining, I'm going to count all my blessings from the day.
  • Blake and Evelyn had cousins to play with all morning. 
  • Brandon so kindly made the rolls I was supposed to make for my family and our friends the Moores and was able to deliver them while I slept in bed.  It was his first time making them and they looked great. 
  • Oliver slept most of the day and there were plenty of people to hold him when he was fussy
  • I didn't overeat. :) Or eat at all. 
  • Sarah came and got my kids ready for the feast. Evelyn looked adorable! 
  • I had enough energy to stand up and snap a few photos at least! 
  • While everyone took a post dinner walk, Brandon stayed behind and kept Oliver and I company. He was a rockstar that day. 
  • I had more appreciation for good health and was reminded to not take it for granted like I do. 

Oliver turned one month old that day. I wasn't able to get photos like I wanted, but I caught this cute one while he was playing on the floor. Man, I love this little boy so much! 

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