It's so late and I need to be in bed. I wanted to write this memory down before I forgot. So that one day when my kids read this they will realize that promptings are REAL.

I was sitting by the Christmas tree holding Oliver and just enjoying the moment. So much so, I stayed there for quite a while. I went upstairs and put him in his swing and then got ready for bed.

I had some friends in the ward come over tonight for a girls night and so Brandon was the one to put Blake and Evelyn in bed. I was about to get in bed when I felt the prompting to go look at Blake and Evelyn. I almost brushed it off because I had already kissed them goodnight before they went to bed. But I followed the gentle urge. I went into their room and looked at them sleeping peacefully. And then I noticed that Evelyn still had a long, green beaded necklace on. It's one of those cheap ones they throw out at parades, but she loves it and wears it all the time. I always take it off before her nap, but tonight we must have forgotten. I was able to take it off without waking her.

Maybe nothing would have happened, but I'm so glad I followed the prompting to go in there and look at them so that I could take off the necklace. I never would have have forgiven myself if it strangled her during the night. I'm so grateful for promptings and know they are real.

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