the best work christmas party ever!

Over the weekend, we got to escape for a night with Oliver in tow for Brandon's company Christmas party. And let me tell you, it was the most perfect Christmas party ever. I've planned a lot of corporate events, but this one takes the cake. And we want to go back. Right. Now. 

Just to compare, last year, they sent us to Wendover for dinner, a show and a night and it was horrible. We both got sick from the food and it was the most anti-Christmas event there ever was. We promised we would never go back. 

But they redeemed themselves this year 100000%. (Can you tell I'm still so giddy over this weekend we had?) Besides the fact that I didn't get the memo to wear a cute cocktail dress to the dinner, it was magical. 

(a really blurry photo of a really perfect night)
We enjoyed our non-alcoholic Sierra Mist and Root Beer at the cocktail party and then were seated at the Seven Summits Club around tables with Christmas tree centerpieces for dinner. The food was actually good (I'm picky when it comes to banquet foods).  Oliver slept int his carseat the entire time, giving us a nice chance to eat and socialize with some of his co-workers. The owners of the company were so nice and told me how appreciative they are for Brandon's contributions. I'm glad they value his hard work and they are so great at expressing that in various ways. For that I'm so grateful. 

After dinner, we caught a quick glimpse at the snow-covered trees and then were shuttled back to our room at the Cliff Lodge. We finally got around to watching a Christmas movie. We aren't very good at just slowing down sometimes so it was heaven. And the view from our room. Spectacular!

^traditional ring photo we get at the hotels we stay at

And then, as if it could get any better, we got to venture out in the morning to go skiing. One of his co-workers offered to watch Oliver since she loves babies. That's the first time we have left him, but knowing we were still close to him made it easier. 

We got outfitted and then off to the slopes we went. It was Brandon's first time skiing and my 2nd, but we had a blast. I kept saying over and over again how much fun I was having. Sometimes I get so serious in my mommy-mode that I forget that I can actually be fun! Ha! I guess we need to ski more often. :) I also couldn't get over how beautiful it was.

^a hot cocoa break at the lodge

We already can't wait to go skiing again together. And thanks to the Sundays for watching Blake and Evelyn so could have such a great little getaway. 


  1. That does sound like an amazing work party! And such beautiful views! Lucky!

  2. It's official D needs to change jobs. He gets no work parties ever. So glad you guys got to sneak away for a great time. You deserve it!!


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